Application Procedure


Imo State College of Education Application Procedure Applicants

1. All applications into Imo State College of Education are online at :

2. Fill the application form, upload the required files and click submit

3. After submission, the system generates a TRANSACTION REF for you, print the page (or copy the TRANSACTION REF correctly) and go to any commercial bank to make payment. After successfully making the payment, you will get an email from the system acknowledging your application and payment. Please note that UNTIL you pay the application fee, your application is incomplete and would not be considered.


After payment, kindly wait for a message from the Admission unit

The school will send you a message telling you that you have been admitted or not.

When admitted, you should proceed as follows: 

1. Login to the system at :

2. On your left navigation panel, click on “Print Admission Letter”

3. On same tab just below print admission letter is “Print Acceptance Letter”, click and print the letter

4. Armed with both letters above and other required document, proceed to the admission unit for physical clearance

5. After physical clearance, proceed to make all required payments in other to get your Registration Number and become a bonafide  student of Imo State College Of Education (Click Here to see how to pay fees)


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