Students' welfare is a priority to the College Administration; hence, it strives to provide welfare service e.g. health, sporting, and extracurricular activities.

The Student Affairs Department is established to attend to the welfare of the students of Imo State College of Education to ensure successful and fruitful stay on campus. To realize this mandate, the Department has three units; General office and ICT/Protocol, Residency and Hostel, Graduation. 

Imo State College of Education is a community of scholars and students committed to research and academic excellence, cultivation of knowledge in all fields of learning as well as healthy environment.


  • Orientation for new students.
  • Hostel and Accommodation for students
  • Processing teaching practice for students
  • Supervise Associations/Clubs
  • Supervise Students Union Government(SUG)


The College has a Student Union Government (SUG), an association that stands in the gap between the students and the school management. The SUG represents and speaks on behalf the student’s welfare and need.

The SUG in the University has three (3) arms- The Executive (Exco), Students’ Representative Council (SRC), and Students’ Judicial Council (SJC).